At The Gun Shop Inc. & Gun Range we have one of the best indoor range facilities in the area.

We offer a 25 yard fully lit and well ventilated indoor shooting range, made up of 16 individual stalls with a separate observation area for those who’d just like to watch.

We also offer a completely separate 50 yard indoor rifle range comprising 4 individual stalls for those who’d like to hone their rifle skills (Saturday Use Only).

Our range is open 7 days a week, and has a friendly, relaxed, family  atmosphere.  We’ll do our very best to help you where needed on your visit.

Range Use:

Handgun Range

Rifle Range (Sat. Only)

Rental price does not include ammo, the shooter must use our ammo if renting.

$15-00  /hr


Rental & Rates:

At our range we offer rental of some of the most popular pistol and revolver models from many of the top manufacturers.

We have a wide range to chose from.

You may swap the model you selected at any time, just bring it back and we’ll change it for another.

Likewise, if you are unlucky enough to encounter a problem while shooting one of our guns, then bring it straight back and we’ll be more than happy to fix or replace it straight away for you.


Handgun Rental


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