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Monday - Friday: 10am - 7pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Leesburg Fl | Villages area

bowling pins


3rd Thursday of each month starts at 7pm

Held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7pm. Anyone may shoot in this event. Any handgun caliber 22r-44mag may be used. At each shooting stage you can bring a max of 20rd, with four different stages a total of 80rds of ammo makes this a fun and affordable match


 Starts at 6pm

Join us in some fun by shooting bowling pins off of the table!


$10 per person Schedule

tactical shooting targets revolver


Every Tuesday of each month from 10am-2pm

Want to run & gun? Looking to practice engaging multiple targets at once? We offer a practice tactical course twice a month. Anyone of any skill level can shoot in this event. We set up a Tactical stage that can include targets at varying distances, shooting from cover, low lighting/fog, shooting on the move, and engaging multiple targets at once.

Instructors on hand to help and offer pointers. Beginners welcome!


$10/person Schedule

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